How It Works

Inside-872 We start every appointment by introducing ourselves and spending a little time with you and your pet. We let our furry client get to know us a little bit while discussing with you your pet's needs, your style preferences and any issues that we need to address (dry skin, allergies, hairballs, shedding, etc.). We offer suggestions and answer any questions you have. At that point we can give you an estimate on how long the process will take.

Next, we go to the van. This is where all of the services are performed. We put your dog on our grooming table.

We start the grooming process by going over your animal from whiskers to tail to assess the condition of the coat and skin, look for fleas and ticks, skin tags, moles, lumps or anything out of the ordinary.

Next, we cut and file the nails and trim the hair between the paws. This is important for cleanliness, aesthetics, traction and to help the feet from splaying which can put undue stress on your dog's joints and hips. We trim the hair around the genitals, under the tail and wherever else it is necessary.

Now we check out the ears. The hair is removed from the ear canal to allow air to circulate, keep the ear dry and to help to prevent infection. Next, we clean out the ear using Veterinary's Best ear cleaning solution and a cotton ball.

Inside-874We focus on your pet's coat next. Any mats and tangles are removed. We brush the coat to remove any loose hair and perform a shed control treatment and/or undercoat removal where it is necessary.

Roscoe Moore enjoys his Davis tearless shampoo facial Bath time!  While in the tub we express the anal glands.

Our high-velocity dryer is the perfect way to dry and fluff the coat once it is clean. We have a low setting on the dryer as well for our dogs that are not fond of dryers and for our feline friends.

Inside-890Once dry, we move back to the table. If your pup or kitty is getting a haircut, trim or styling, that's what comes next. We scissor finish every cut for a beautiful polished look.

Fluff and Dry


We bring your fuzzy friend back to your door so it can bask in your praise! While your pet is running around showing off his or her new look, we give you our "report" - what we noticed, things you should watch for, any suggestions we may have and when we recommend you book again.


Finally, a kiss (for your pet, not you) and a wave, and we're out the door!


The Dirty Dog Days mobile dog grooming service offers state of the art grooming that will enhance the quality of your pet's life. Please explore our website or call or email us with your questions and comments.


The owner agrees to give a 72 hour cancellation notice of any appointment, failure to do so will result in a $40.00 missed appointment fee.

The owner agrees that if they do not book on a regular basis, call appointments will be an additional $20 fee.


small dogs $65
medium dogs $65-$85
large dogs $85-$150


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